A Strong National Defense

“Nothing is more important than keeping America safe, secure, and free. My top priority is protecting the homeland and ensuring that the United States Military remains both the strongest fighting force in the world, and also the greatest force for good.” – Senator Hassan

Senator Hassan is working across party lines to ensure that America’s service members have the support that they need to carry out their vital missions, to combat both foreign and domestic terrorist threats, and to confront any nation that may seek to break international norms or undermine American interests, including Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China.

As a member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Senator Hassan has worked on bipartisan legislation to eliminate the ability of foreign terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, or their followers, to attack the homeland by cracking down on terrorist financing and penalizing any country that supports, funds, or provides a safe haven to terrorists.

Senator Hassan also successfully worked to pass the bipartisan DHS Data Framework Act – which is now law – to help ensure that analysts at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can more efficiently identify terrorist threats.

Due to the increasing number of cyber threats to government agencies and critical infrastructure, Senator Hassan introduced the bipartisan Hack DHS Act, which the President signed into law, to strengthen cyber defenses at DHS. The bipartisan Hack DHS Act utilizes ethical hackers to help identify unique and undiscovered vulnerabilities within DHS’s networks that bad actors could exploit.

Additionally, Senator Hassan worked to include critical priorities for New Hampshire and the entire country in the National Defense Authorization Act, including securing a pay raise for all U.S. military personnel and directing crucial funding for projects at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and the New Hampshire National Guard, which are integral to America’s security.

Senator Hassan is also working to pursue a range of bipartisan solutions to address the security and humanitarian challenges at the southern border. Senator Hassan has visited both the northern and southern borders to hear firsthand from agents on the ground about what resources and support they need.

Senator Hassan will continue fighting to ensure that all of America’s national security professionals – from the intelligence community to the military – have the resources and support that they need to strengthen national security and keep all Granite Staters and Americans safe, secure, and free. 


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