A Strong National Defense

Senator Hassan’s highest priority is keeping New Hampshire and America safe, secure, and free. 

In the face of the vast number of national security threats facing our country, the Senator is focused on protecting the homeland and ensuring that America remains the No. 1 military force in the world, while also remaining the greatest force for good.

The Senator is working to ensure that we use every tool at our disposal to destroy ISIS and protect America from all those who wish to do us harm. That means ensuring that our armed forces have the resources, equipment, and support they need to complete vital missions around the world. 

It also means maintaining America’s global leadership. Senator Hassan believes we must ensure that America continues to take the lead in confronting rogue regimes and any nation who seeks to break international norms or undermine American interests. And we must hold nations who support terrorism accountable and prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the wrong hands. 

As a member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Senator Hassan works to ensure that the Department of Homeland Security has the resources, management, and capabilities in place to keep us safe from terrorist threats, cyber criminals, drug trafficking organizations, and natural disasters. 

The Senator has also long been a champion for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, which is integral to both our national security and New Hampshire’s economic vitality.

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