Safeguarding Social Security and Medicare

Senator Hassan is working to ensure that older Granite Staters and Americans have the support they need to remain active participants in our economic and civic life.

The Senator is fighting to protect and strengthen the long-term viability of Social Security and Medicare. She strongly opposes any attempt to privatize Medicare, turn Medicare into a voucher program, or increase the Medicare eligibility age. The Senator will also stand up against attempts to privatize or cut Social Security or raise the retirement age. 

She opposes efforts to cut Medicaid, which provides home- and community-based care and nursing home care for thousands of New Hampshire seniors.

Senator Hassan also understands that in too many cases, seniors who live on a fixed income struggle with the high costs of the necessities of everyday life. She is focused on finding ways to address that issue, including working to lower the costs of prescription drugs and fighting to make affordable hearing aids available over-the-counter.

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