Women’s Health & Economic Opportunity

“I will always fight to ensure that women have the freedom to make their own health care decisions and live as free and equal citizens in our country.” Senator Hassan

Senator Hassan has consistently worked to ensure that women receive fair and equal treatment in all aspects of their lives, which includes equal access to health care, protections in the workplace, and access to resources and support in the event of sexual harassment, assault, or misconduct. 

Senator Hassan will always fight to protect a woman’s constitutionally protected right to choose if and when she wants to start a family and to chart her own destiny. Senator Hassan has led efforts in the Senate to protect Title X family planning centers, such as Planned Parenthood, which provide family planning services for low-income patients and serve more nearly 18,000 Granite Staters annually, with Title X supported Planned Parenthood centers serve 60 percent of those individuals. The Senator is also strongly opposed to efforts to implement the domestic gag rule, which would undermine women’s access to critical health services at Title X funded centers.

To help improve maternal health, and address the unacceptable maternal mortality and morbidity rates in communities throughout the United States, Senator Hassan supports legislation to increase affordable access to maternal care in rural and underserved areas in New Hampshire and across the country.

Additionally, in order for women to fully participate in our society, they must be given equal protections in the workplace. Senator Hassan joined in reintroducing the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would strengthen the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and guarantee that women can challenge pay discrimination and pay inequity. Senator Hassan also supports creating a universal, gender-neutral paid family and medical leave program so that no American is forced to make the impossible choice between making ends meet and having the necessary time to care for a loved one or navigate a personal health crisis.

Senator Hassan is also working to help prevent sexual violence and help survivors seek justice – whether the crime occurs at school, at the workplace, or somewhere else. The Senator supports bipartisan legislation to reform the way colleges and universities address and report incidents of sexual assault that take place on their campuses. Furthermore, the Senator is working to get much-needed resources to state and local law enforcement agencies so that they can better conduct forensic analysis of crime scenes, including untested rape kits. Senator Hassan has also worked to secure millions of dollars in grant funding for organizations in New Hampshire that support victims of sexual assault.

Senator Hassan will continue fighting to ensure that all women are treated equally, have the full rights that they are entitled to under the Constitution, and can fully participate in our economy and society.

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