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Hassan Bills on Human Trafficking Prevention, De-Escalation Training Signed into Law

In case you missed it, WCAX reported on two of Senator Maggie Hassan’s bipartisan bills to strengthen public safety that were recently signed into law. These new laws will help address human trafficking at major transportation hubs, as well as strengthen de-escalation training to help law enforcement respond more effectively to people experiencing mental or behavioral health crises.

Click here to read the article from WCAX, or see below:

WCAX: Hassan bills on human trafficking prevention, de-escalation training signed into law

Two bills backed by New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan have been signed into law.

The first aims to prevent human trafficking by adding the National Human Trafficking Hotline number (888-373-7888) to the restrooms of all U.S. planes, buses and trains, as well as airports, bus stations and rail stations.

“Restrooms are often the only time that a victim will have the opportunity to get away from traffickers, making it one of the first lines of defense in getting someone the help that they need,” said Hassan, D-New Hampshire.

The second law authorizes more funding for law enforcement training, to improve how officers respond to people experiencing mental or behavioral health crises. That includes using alternatives to force and de-escalation tactics, and working with mental health professionals.

“When there is an emergency, law enforcement officers are often the first ones on the scene, making it essential that they have the training to handle a variety of crises,” Hassan said.

She said the new law will help officers de-escalate situations more swiftly.