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Constituent stories

If you need assistance with any issue involving a federal agency, Senator Hassan’s office may be able to help.

On this page are just a few stories of Granite Staters that we helped, so that you can see ways we may be able to help you. And if you need assistance, please contact our office at 603–622–2204 or

Mr. Tim Carignan, Lyman. Mr. Carignan is a four-tour combat veteran who reached out to our office because he was having difficulty obtaining insurance coverage through the VA for his service animal, Duchess the Goldendoodle, who helps with Mr. Carignan’s PTSD. Our office reached out to the local VA and the Veteran Integrated Service Network to request a review of Mr. Carignan’s claim, and they were able to rectify the issue and provide insurance coverage for Duchess.

Bill and Geraldine North, Hanover. When vaccinations opened to the public in 2021, Bill and Geraldine had difficulty registering for an appointment, despite having medical conditions that could put them at high risk if they contracted COVID-19. They contacted our office for help, and our team was able to get them an appointment the following week, a full month ahead of their original appointment.

Lisa Provost, New Hampshire. Lisa reached out to our office for assistance with scheduling her vaccine appointment after her doctor recommended she should only receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to a previous vaccine reaction. When Lisa went to register for an appointment, the registration system couldn't guarantee she would receive the specific vaccine she needed. Our office assisted in connecting Lisa with the state to be directly scheduled into a J&J vaccine site.

Marilyn Weir, Chichester. Marilyn contacted our office on behalf of her family, who had booked a cruise that was cancelled due to the pandemic. She was only given a very small refund, and the cruise company was refusing to refund the remainder of the cost. Our office reached out to the cruise company and requested a review of Marilyn’s concerns, which resulted in a full refund for the Weir family.

Michelle Thornton, Bedford. Michelle contacted our office regarding a bill she had received from her health insurance company for a medical procedure. Even though she checked with her insurance plan ahead of time, she was charged $910 for an anesthesia nurse who was out of network. Our office was able to reach out to Michelle’s insurance company to fix the surprise medical bill and correct the bill she had received.

Shawn Chase, Belmont. Shawn was laid off in March of 2020 due to COVID-19. He applied for unemployment and was accepted, but months later was denied and told he owed more than $8,400 in overpayments, which began accruing interest. Our office was able to get Shawn’s claim reviewed, his overpayment reversed, and his benefits reinstated.

Yan Chang, Brookline. Yan is a hairdresser whose shop was closed due to COVID-19. When she applied for unemployment, she accidentally made a mistake on a question which resulted in her not receiving benefits. NH Employment Security was unable to correct this mistake, so Yan reached out to our office. We were able to submit her concerns for review, fix the issue, and Yan began receiving her benefits.