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NHPR on Senator Hassan’s Bipartisan Bills To Renew Home Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

WASHINGTON – In case you missed it, New Hampshire Public Radio published a story this week highlighting Senator Hassan’s efforts to increase energy efficiency for new and existing homes. Senator Hassan is the lead sponsor of two bipartisan bills to lower energy costs for consumers and increase energy efficiency by reinstating and strengthening tax credits for the construction of new energy efficient homes and for energy efficient home upgrades.

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NHPR: Hassan Backs Bipartisan Bill To Renew Home Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

By Annie Ropeik

Senator Maggie Hassan is spearheading a bill to reinstate a homeowner tax credit for energy efficiency upgrades.

The bill would also increase and update the credit, which expired in 2017. It would give tax refunds to homeowners who invest in weatherization or efficient heating and cooling systems.

Hassan, a Democrat, has bipartisan co-sponsors on the bill, including Republican Susan Collins of Maine.

Hassan talked about the proposal during a recent visit to a Concord farm that will soon rent some of its land to a solar power developer.

“What goes hand-in-hand here is giving people alternatives either through efficiency or renewables to lower their overall costs while also lowering carbon emissions,” Hassan said.

New Hampshire has some of the oldest housing stock in the nation. Poor insulation and other issues can increase people’s electricity and heating consumption and costs.

Hassan’s bill would also give tax credits to builders who construct new, high-efficiency homes.