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Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Visits New Hampshire

Yesterday Secretary Buttigieg traveled to New Hampshire to promote the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and how it will benefit New Hampshire, Southern New England, and the country.

Secretary Buttigieg participated in a roundtable at the Millyard Museum, with members of the New Hampshire congressional delegation, local mayors, and leaders from civic groups, business, labor and the environment, discussing funding that will be coming to the state for infrastructure and their interest in an expansion of commuter rail from the Greater Boston area to Nashua and Manchester. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law invests in the resiliency and economic competitiveness of America, connecting people to new jobs through public transportation and rail, and protecting the environment by investing in low-emissions and electric vehicles.

Following the roundtable, Secretary Buttigieg participated in a press conference at Arms Park with the congressional delegation representing New Hampshire, including Senator Maggie Hassan, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Representative Chris Pappas and Representative Annie Kuster. The event promoted the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law along with a $25 million RAISE grant the city is receiving to reconnect the Millyard district to downtown Manchester and improve safety and economic opportunities for people who drive, walk and bike.





 “We’re so glad to have Secretary Buttigieg back here in New Hampshire, and we’re so glad to have him in the role of Transportation Secretary where he understands the challenges and opportunities here in our state,” said Senator Maggie Hassan. “Passenger rail offers enormous promise for our state, which is why I worked on pieces of the bipartisan infrastructure law that could be used to help connect New Hampshire to the Boston area by rail. By making this investment in New Hampshire we can help businesses recruit more workers, help people get to work faster, reduce congestion on I-93, and bring more visitors to New Hampshire to support our tourism economy – all while helping support a healthier environment.”

“I was thrilled to join Secretary Buttigieg and the New Hampshire delegation to discuss what the bipartisan infrastructure deal means for Granite State families. I led negotiations around this historic package because our communities deserve this once-in-a-generation investment in our roads, rails and bridges – improving our public safety and creating good-paying jobs along the way. Today’s visit from the administration illustrates just how important New Hampshire is to bolstering our nation’s infrastructure. I’ll continue working with the administration to ensure our state has the resources it deserves to revitalize our communities and lead the 21st century economy with world-class infrastructure,” said Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

“It was fitting to gather in the Millyard today where we can appreciate the connection between infrastructure, our city’s past, and its hopes for tomorrow. As we look to the future the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will help us make much needed investments in roads, bridges, water systems, and passenger rail,” said Representative Chris Pappas. “The legislation will support our communities’ needs and strengthen our economy, help our small businesses, and ensure New Hampshire is the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

“It was great to welcome Secretary Pete Buttigieg to New Hampshire today to talk about how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package will expand access to public transportation options and allow Granite State workers and businesses to fully capitalize on opportunities in the Boston region,” said Representative Annie Kuster. “From broadband expansion to clean drinking water access, this game-changing legislation makes critical investments in the future of our state. Specifically, the plan includes key funding for projects like the Capitol Corridor Project to plug New Hampshire into the Boston commuter rail system and ensure businesses in the Southern Tier and across our state can attract the best and brightest minds in the region. I was proud to push this plan over the finish line in Congress, and I look forward to this project finally coming to fruition for our communities and our economy.”



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WMUR: U.S. transportation secretary says infrastructure law will provide funds for NH rail project

"We haven't been investing enough as a country in infrastructure," Buttigieg said. "This law changes that. It's a bipartisan law led by the president to properly fund everything from roads and bridges to trains and transit, and New Hampshire's a great place to discuss the impact that's going to have."

NHPR: Buttigieg visits Manchester to talk passenger rail and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

“Whatever we can do to simplify the ability of people and goods to move where they need to be, we should be doing it. Commuter rail can be a big, big part of that,” [Secretary Buttigieg] said. ”The more that story is told, the more we can move past the idea that there's anything political or partisan about the idea that Americans deserve to have excellent rail service, just like people in pretty much every other developed country take for granted,” he said.

“...for Mike Skelton, president and CEO of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, rail is a pressing issue. “When are we getting rail?” is one of the top questions he’s asked by business leaders, and it’s been like that for at least a decade, he said.

“The business community is ready for this project. And they know that the economic impact is going to be transformational,” he said.”

ManchesterInkLink: Buttigieg joins local leaders discussing importance of New Hampshire infrastructure funding

Buttigieg first joined the local leaders for a roundtable discussion at the Manchester Historic Association’s Millyard Museum to discuss the infrastructure funding coming into the state thanks to the bill and other recent pieces of legislation such as the Build Back Better Act as well as other federal infrastructure funding to the city such as the recently awarded RAISE grant.

Fox News: Transportation Secy. Buttigieg highlights that Biden’s infrastructure law is ‘good politics’

"The law represents a once in a generation investment in infrastructure and in jobs," Buttigieg touted at a news conference, as he stood in front of New Hampshire’s all Democratic congressional delegation with the picturesque rapids of the Merrimack River as a backdrop. 

The infrastructure measure, which includes more than $500 billion in new spending for "core" infrastructure projects such as transportation, broadband internet and electric utilities over the next eight years, grabbed bipartisan support in passing the Senate over the summer and the House early last month.

Union Leader: Pete Buttigieg touts $25M RAISE grant, infrastructure package in Manchester

New Hampshire is set to get $1.4 billion for highways and bridges, $15 million to make local streets safer and $126 million for mass transit.

Passenger rail will have a statewide impact on the economy with the potential to bring thousands of jobs and spur development, said Mike Skelton, president and CEO of the Greater Manchester Chamber.

Studies show rail will bring 5,600 permanent jobs and support 3,600 new residential units.