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Following Senator Hassan & Colleagues’ New Law, Administration Removes ‘X-Waiver’ for Medication-Assisted Treatment

WASHINGTON – The administration today officially revoked the requirement that health care providers get a special “X-Waiver” to provide medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder, following the passage of a bill, the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment (MAT) Act, sponsored by Senator Maggie Hassan and her colleagues that permits providers to prescribe life-saving buprenorphine as they would other controlled substances. Medication-assisted treatment, known as MAT, is considered the most effective treatment for opioid addiction.

“It made no sense that doctors and nurses could prescribe opioids, yet faced separate restrictions on prescribing medication to treat those struggling with opioid addiction,” said Senator Hassan. “That’s why my colleagues and I worked together across the aisle to eliminate these needless restrictions, and I’m pleased that administration acted quickly to officially remove them. This will ensure that more doctors and nurses in New Hampshire and across the country can help get people the treatment that they need for opioid use disorder.”

Earlier this week, Senator Hassan met with New Hampshire doctors and public health leaders to discuss how increased access to medication-assisted treatment will help those struggling with opioid use disorder get treatment and stay in recovery.