April 23, 2018

Senator Hassan Announces Opposition to Mike Pompeo’s Nomination for Secretary of State

WASHINGTON - Senator Maggie Hassan issued the following statement today announcing her opposition to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Mike Pompeo's nomination to serve as Secretary of State:

“The Secretary of State serves as our country’s chief diplomat, representative, and communicator to the world, a role fundamentally different than that of the CIA Director. While I commend CIA Director Pompeo for his service to our country and appreciated the thoughtful discussion when we met last week, I am concerned that Mr. Pompeo has not demonstrated an understanding that the Secretary of State has an obligation to the American people to stand up for our core values – including the rule of law and our individual freedoms – that is independent of an obligation to the President. I also remain concerned that Mr. Pompeo would be unable to rise above a partisan perspective when making foreign policy decisions. Given these concerns, especially in light of the President’s erratic and at times reckless foreign policy, I cannot support Mr. Pompeo’s nomination to serve as Secretary of State.”