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Senator Hassan Commends UNH on New Granite Guarantee Scholarship Program

Senator Hassan Commends UNH on New Granite Guarantee Scholarship Program

WASHINGTON - Today, Senator Maggie Hassan released the following statement after the University of New Hampshire announced a new scholarship program called Granite Guarantee, which will allow all full-time, first-year New Hampshire students receiving federal Pell grants to attend UNH at the Durham and Manchester campuses tuition-free.

"The University of New Hampshire's new Granite Guarantee scholarship program is excellent news for young Granite Staters and their families who face financial barriers to accessing higher education," Senator Hassan said. "Ensuring that all Granite Staters have access to affordable higher education is critical to helping our workers develop the skills and innovative thinking needed for success in the 21st century economy, and I commend UNH and everyone who helped make this scholarship program possible for demonstrating a strong commitment to creating a brighter future for our young people and for our entire state."

"This innovative scholarship program also highlights the importance of Pell Grants, and I look forward to working with UNH to advocate for strengthening and maximizing funding for the Pell Grant program," added Senator Hassan.

Granite Guarantee will launch in the fall and is estimated to assist 285 first-year students studying at the Durham and Manchester campuses. The University will commit to continuing the scholarship for a student's full four years, as long as the students continue to be enrolled full-time, remain Pell-eligible, and make progress toward their degree. The first year of the program was made possible by the successful Celebrate 150 fundraising campaign. For more information, visit here.