June 20, 2017

Senator Hassan Delivers Senate Floor Speech Highlighting How Harmful the “Mean” Trumpcare Proposal Would be for Granite Staters

Trumpcare floor speech

Click here for video of Senator Hassan’s remarks.


WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Maggie Hassan delivered remarks on the Senate floor highlighting how the dangerous Trumpcare bill, which even President Trump called “mean,” would hurt Granite Staters from all walks of life, including those who get coverage through Medicaid expansion, seniors, and women who could lose access to critical health services. Senator Hassan also highlighted how Senate Republicans have been writing this bill behind closed doors, refusing to hold a hearing for the public to examine their proposal.

“The secrecy around this bill shows that Senate Republicans know that they cannot defend it to their constituents,” Senator Hassan said.

On How “Mean” Trumpcare Would be:

“We do know that this legislation will be very similar to the House Trumpcare bill – which President Trump himself called ‘mean.’ And calling it ‘mean’ is even putting it lightly – Trumpcare threatens to have devastating impacts on millions of Americans,” Senator Hassan said.

On How Trumpcare Would Hurt Granite Staters Covered Through Medicaid:

“Trumpcare would end Medicaid expansion… [and] also changes Medicaid into a per capita cap system – that’s a fancy label for massive cuts to the Medicaid program that would force states to choose between slashing benefits, reducing the number of people who can get care, or both,” Senator Hassan said.

The Senator also spoke about Jo, from Portsmouth, who she met at Families First, and told her story of living with a painful precancerous disease, struggling to find a job that offered health insurance, and receiving desperately-needed health care treatment thanks to Medicaid expansion.

On How Trumpcare Would Raise Costs and Cut Services for New Hampshire’s Seniors:

“It is clear that Trumpcare would hurt seniors across the Granite State. The majority of nursing home residents in New Hampshire are served by Medicaid. Trumpcare would jeopardize the ability of seniors to stay in nursing homes. It would also threaten services for seniors who receive at-home care… Trumpcare would also create an age tax... And the AARP opposes Trumpcare because it would, and this is a quote, ‘make health care less secure and less affordable,’” added Senator Hassan.

On How Trumpcare Would Roll Back Access to Health Care for Women:

“It is clear that Trumpcare would continue this Administration’s efforts to roll back women’s access to critical health care services… Under Trumpcare, if you are a mother, giving birth could now be considered a pre-existing condition… Trumpcare also defunds Planned Parenthood, which provides critical primary and preventive health care services to thousands of New Hampshire women,” Senator Hassan said.