September 28, 2017

Senator Hassan Highlights Dangers of Proposed Budget Cuts to Airport Security During Senate Aviation Subcommittee Hearing

The Senator Also Pressed Witnesses on a Recent Boston Globe Spotlight Investigation Exposing Weaknesses in the Federal Aviation Administration’s Vetting of Pilots License Applicants


Click here for video of the hearing.


WASHINGTON - Senator Maggie Hassan today highlighted how President Trump’s proposed budget cuts to Transportation Security Administration programs would undermine security at small and medium airports, including Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

During a hearing of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security, Senator Hassan asked Brian Weiler, Director of Aviation at Springfield-Branson National Airport, how airport security would be impacted by the President’s budget request to eliminate TSA grants that reimburse state and local law enforcement for their patrols and dramatically cut Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPER) teams. Mr. Weiler said “It’s a constant challenge… We do rely heavily, as do the other 300 airports, on this law enforcement officer program.” Mr. Weiler added “we all want good security, but there’s only so much money in the bank for us.”

Following a Boston Globe Spotlight investigation that exposed weaknesses in the Federal Aviation Administration’s vetting of pilots license applicants, Senator Hassan also pressed the witnesses about the need to address vulnerabilities with pilot screening.