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Senator Hassan Highlights Dover, NH Business Leader Testifying Today at Committee Hearing

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan introduced Theresa McKenney, Director of Sustainability and Government Affairs at NEMO Equipment, when she testified at a Senate Budget Committee hearing on the impact of climate change on outdoor recreation. NEMO Equipment is an innovative outdoor equipment manufacturer in Dover, New Hampshire.

To watch Senator Hassan’s introduction, click here.

“NEMO’s camping and outdoor gear makes it easier to enjoy the natural beauty in New Hampshire and across the world,” said Senator Hassan. “NEMO’s founder, Cam Brensinger, started the company in 2002 after camping on Mount Washington – New Hampshire’s and the Northeast’s highest peak, which is known […] for its erratic and dramatic weather – and Cam Brensinger realized that existing tent designs needed to be improved. He invented a low-pressure, inflatable structure for backpacking tents that could withstand the higher and highest winds. That innovation became the basis for the company’s first product line. Over the years, NEMO has continued to develop new designs and has earned accolades for its products.”

“I most recently visited NEMO in January to tour its facility in Dover,” continued Senator Hassan. “It was clear from my visit that sustainability and advocacy for people and the planet are central to NEMO’s mission. The company not only depends on a thriving outdoor recreation economy, but also on businesses, communities, and governments working together to support innovation and protect outdoor spaces for future generations. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention NEMO’s recent contribution of sleeping bags to the New Hampshire humanitarian aid group called Common Man for Ukraine. This gear will help Ukrainian orphans and displaced families survive the war. So, it is a true honor to introduce NEMO today.”