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Senator Hassan Joins Colleagues in Successfully Advancing Measure to Reinstate Net Neutrality Protections


Click here to watch the Senator’s floor speech earlier today.


WASHINGTON – Senator Maggie Hassan joined her colleagues today in voting to approve a bipartisan resolution to reinstate net neutrality protections.

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should provide equal access to all applications, content, platforms, and websites, and cannot discriminate against content or content providers by making certain web page, applications, or videos load faster or slower than others. The bipartisan resolution, which Senator Hassan helped introduce, overturns the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) partisan decision to repeal net neutrality protections. The resolution passed the Senate by a vote of 52-47 and now heads to the U.S. House of Representatives. The Senator joined her colleagues last week to successfully force today’s vote.

“I am pleased that today the United States Senate voted in support of the entrepreneurs, small businesses, and consumers in New Hampshire and across the country who rely on a free and open internet to help them succeed,” Senator Hassan said. “Today’s bipartisan vote to reinstate net neutrality is critical to promoting innovation, supporting our hard-working people, and encouraging economic growth – and it would not have been possible without the energy and passion of all those who contacted their elected representatives and made their voices heard.

“As the measure moves to the House of Representatives, I encourage every Granite Stater and American to continue speaking out about how repealing net neutrality protections would impact them. I will continue working across the aisle to move this measure forward and support a level playing field for all of our people and businesses.”

Senator Hassan spoke on the Senate floor earlier today, reinforcing the importance of protecting a free and open internet so that all hard-working Granite Staters and businesses across the country can thrive. Watch her remarks here.