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Senator Hassan Marks 10th Anniversary of Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire

GOFFSTOWN – U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH) today delivered a speech and participated in a panel at Saint Anselm College to commemorate the 10th anniversary of New Hampshire expanding Medicaid to cover more Granite Staters, an effort then-Governor Hassan signed into law. In her remarks, Senator Hassan highlighted the difference that Medicaid Expansion has made for Granite Staters, and how the bipartisan efforts to get this done demonstrate our democracy’s ability to solve problems.

Read highlights from Senator Hassan’s speech below:

  • “We worked to expand Medicaid in New Hampshire because we believed in a simple proposition: When everyone has access to quality, affordable care, our country is stronger and our people are more free.”
  • “The results speak for themselves. After we expanded Medicaid, the uninsured rate in New Hampshire fell by over forty percent during the first five years alone. More than 219,000 Granite Staters have been covered through Medicaid Expansion. In fact, nearly 1 in 4 births in New Hampshire are now covered by Medicaid.”
  • Medicaid Expansion reminds us of what we can accomplish when we find common ground and work together… It turns out, when we take the rancor out of politics; when we refrain from pointless partisanship and instead focus on solving real problems, we have the capacity to tackle even the most daunting challenges.”
  • “To any elected leader or candidate in America who still seeks to repeal Medicaid expansion across the country, I urge them to listen to the bipartisan majority who supports this law. This law works, this law has made a real difference in people's lives, and it is here to stay.”
  • This law simply would not have passed were it not for individual Granite Staters talking about their struggles with getting health care. Even though this kind of health care reform [had] been an uphill, losing battle for decades…Granite Staters refused to accept that change was impossible, or that their voices didn’t matter.
  • “So, a lot of people right now are saying things like, ‘we are so divided that our politics are doomed, our democracy is destined for dysfunction,’ I would say to them please look to Medicaid Expansion. Look at examples of the work we can do when we work together. Talk to the quiet and many, don’t just listen to the loud. In expanding Medicaid, we took an important step forward in the cause of human dignity, and secured a victory for freedom; the freedom to get care even when one loses their job; the freedom that comes with good health; the freedom to live and reach one’s full potential.”