June 29, 2018

Senator Hassan Releases Video Highlighting Critical Importance of Maintaining Protections for Granite Staters and Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions


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WASHINGTON – Senator Maggie Hassan released a video this week highlighting the critical importance of maintaining protections for Granite Staters and Americans with pre-existing conditions. The video comes as the Trump Administration attempts once again to sabotage health care for hard-working Americans by refusing to defend federal law and instead siding with a number of Republican state Attorneys General in a partisan lawsuit attempting to undermine the Affordable Care Act’s popular pre-existing conditions protections. Senator Hassan has emphasized how now more than ever the fight to protect Americans’ health care is critical given the recent vacancy on the Supreme Court. 

Senator Hassan participated in a press conference earlier this week with Little Lobbyists, teenagers with complex medical needs, and health care advocates, where she called on President Trump to stop sabotaging health care for hard-working people and enforce the law of the land by upholding protections for people with pre-existing conditions.