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Senator Hassan Shares Granite Stater’s Experience in Push for Expanding Paid Leave

WASHINGTON – During a Senate Finance Committee hearing today, Senator Maggie Hassan shared Carrie Duran of Wolfeboro’s experience serving as a caregiver for her father who had Alzheimer’s – and her ongoing care of her daughter with complex medical needs – without having access to paid leave. Senator Hassan’s hearing questions are part of her ongoing efforts to work across the aisle to expand access to paid family and medical leave for all Americans.

To watch Senator Hassan’s hearing questions, click here.

“There is strong public support for a national paid leave program… the current patchwork system isn’t working. It’s not working for families and it’s not working for our businesses and our economy,” said Senator Hassan during today’s hearing. “Without access to comprehensive, guaranteed paid leave, many hardworking Americans are forced to reduce their hours or leave their jobs altogether when they welcome a child into their family, when they go through their own medical emergencies, or when they need to care for a sick family member or aging parents.”

To demonstrate the impact that the lack of paid leave has on Granite Staters, Senator Hassan highlighted the experience of Carrie Duran of Wolfeboro.

“I’ve met with Carrie Duran in Wolfeboro, a single parent of three who served as a caregiver to her father who had Alzheimer’s until his passing in 2019. With no paid leave, in order to take her father to critical medical appointments, Carrie had to forego hours of pay, choosing between caregiving and critical financial support for her family,” Senator Hassan shared during today’s hearing. “She continues to struggle with lack of access to paid leave as she cares for her daughter who has complex medical needs, juggling part time jobs at a financial cost.”

During today’s hearing, Senator Hassan also highlighted her bipartisan legislation with Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) to expand parental leave eligibility for members of the Reserves and National Guard. Senator Hassan is participating in a livestreamed discussion hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center at 5:30 pm today to discuss this legislation and her efforts to ensure that it is included in the final version of the National Defense Authorization Act.