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Senator Hassan Statement on Department of Defense Including Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on List of Projects that Could Lose Funding

WASHINGTON – Senator Maggie Hassan released the following statement after the Department of Defense included projects at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on a list of military construction projects that could lose funding as a result of the President’s emergency declaration to pay for the border wall. Last week, Senator Hassan voted for a resolution to revoke the emergency declaration, which passed with a strong bipartisan majority.   

The Department of Defense list threatens that the following projects for the Shipyard could lose funding: $110 million for the Dry Dock #1 Superflood Basin, $40 million for an Extend Portal Crane Rail, $62 million for a Paint, Blast and Rubber facility and $12 million for consolidated warehouse replacement.

“It is alarming and completely unacceptable that the Trump Administration is considering stripping funding that’s intended for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as part of the President’s unconstitutional emergency declaration,” Senator Hassan said. “The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is vital to our national security interests, and ripping funding away from these important construction projects would jeopardize the Shipyard’s ability to keep our attack submarine fleet ready for action. Last week, the Senate demonstrated strong bipartisan opposition to President Trump’s emergency declaration, and I will keep doing everything in my power to protect this funding for the Shipyard.”