June 14, 2018

Senator Hassan Statement on Manchester VA Task Force Report

WASHINGTON – Senator Maggie Hassan issued the following statement today on the VA New Hampshire Vision 2025 Task Force’s final report. The Task Force was formed last summer after whistleblowers raised allegations of poor conditions and quality of care at the Manchester VA Medical Center.

“New Hampshire’s veterans have sacrificed bravely in defense of our freedom, often sustaining physical and mental trauma that affects them for the rest of their lives. We must meet our responsibility to our veterans by ensuring that they have access to the full scope of health care services they deserve. As part of those efforts, I’ve long called for a full-service VA hospital in New Hampshire, and I am disappointed that the Manchester VA Task Force did not include a full-service hospital in its recommendations.

“However, I am pleased with other recommendations in the report that reflect the importance of community-based care and priorities I’ve championed to support our veterans, including improving mental health and pain management services to prevent substance misuse, expanding access to telehealth care, creating a comprehensive ambulatory surgical care center, and strengthening ties between the Manchester VA and nearby medical schools. The key will be ensuring that these recommendations are quickly and effectively implemented, and I will continue working with our congressional delegation to make sure that our brave veterans get the care that they need and have earned.”

Senator Hassan recently supported the bipartisan VA MISSION Act, which the President has now signed into law. The VA MISSION Act works to strengthen the VA system, while also recognizing the importance of community-based care. Senator Hasan also recently introduced a bipartisan bill with Senator Rubio (R-FL) that would prioritize veteran employment and education programs at the VA.