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Senator Hassan Takes to Senate Floor to Call for End to the President’s Senseless Shutdown That’s Hurting Granite Staters and All Americans


To watch the Senator’s speech, click here.

WASHINGTON – Senator Maggie Hassan delivered a speech on the Senate floor tonight calling for an end to the President’s senseless government shutdown - now in its 18th day – that is hurting Granite Staters and Americans.

“In New Hampshire, our farmers were relieved last month at the passage of the Farm Bill,” Senator Hassan said. “Now, thanks to the shutdown, they are again facing uncertainty that they may not receive the financial assistance that they need to help them operate. Our craft breweries – which contribute to our economy – are unable to move forward with new projects because the brewers can’t get the projects approved through the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. At the White Mountain National Forest some visitor services are closed - and at this amazingly beautiful natural resource - trash is piling up.”

Senator Hassan called on Leader McConnell to bring to the floor two bipartisan pieces of legislation that have already passed the House – and have previously received significant support from Senate Republicans – and urged the President to sign them into law without delay. 

“Last week the House of Representatives passed bills that have received substantial support from members of both parties in the Senate, and would re-open the government immediately. That included robust funding for border security – funding to support common sense improvements, including better technology that border agents say that they need. Unfortunately, the President is more focused on campaign slogans than on strengthening border security based on the facts on the ground.”

Senator Hassan concluded, “It is time for these games to end. We need to keep providing the government services that Americans rely on. And the people that provide these services deserve stability – not only for their own sake – but for that of the people and country that they serve. More broadly, the American people deserve to know that our government can operate effectively – without these constant games and irresponsible tactics from the President. Let’s move on from this shutdown. And let’s reopen our government.”

This week, Senator Hassan helped introduced legislation that would ensure that any furloughed government employee from this shutdown or any future ones will be paid retroactively as soon as appropriations are restored. The Senator also cosponsored a bill that would fund Coast Guard operations during lapses in appropriations – including pay for members of the Coast Guard (including reserve components), pay for Coast Guard retirees, pay for Coast Guard civilian employees, and pay for Coast Guard contractors.