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Senator Hassan Visits Stonyfield, Highlighting the Negative Impact of Repealing Net Neutrality on New Hampshire Businesses


Senator Hassan speaks with Stonyfield employees about the negative impact that repealing net neutrality would have on rural businesses. 

LONDONDERRY – Senator Maggie Hassan today visited Stonyfield Farm, Inc., where she met with employees to discuss the negative impact that repealing net neutrality would have on businesses across New Hampshire. Stonyfield has been outspoken about the negative impact that repealing net neutrality protections would have on rural businesses, including the farms and cooperatives that supply products to Stonyfield. Roger Noonan, New England Farmer's Union President and a farmer from New Boston, also participated in the discussion. 

“New Hampshire businesses like Stonyfield are creating good jobs, promoting sustainability and corporate responsibility, and are speaking out in favor of important priorities like net neutrality,” said Senator Hassan. “Without net neutrality, rural communities and New Hampshire businesses could be put at a disadvantage with restricted internet access and unfair practices from internet service providers. We must have a free and open internet that puts consumers and businesses first, and I will continue to pushing for the Senate to reinstate net neutrality protections.”

“At Stonyfield, and at businesses across New Hampshire, we rely on an internet that provides equal access and helps us reach our customers and the farms we source from,” said Britt Lundgren, Stonyfield Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture. “Repealing net neutrality threatens that equal internet and could pose new economic challenges and harm rural communities. The Senate should stand up for businesses by reinstating net neutrality, and we thank Senator Hassan for her leadership on this issue.”

“Rural communities and businesses depend on an open internet that enables us to reach our customers and to thrive,” said Roger Noonan, New England Farmer's Union President and farmer from New Boston. “Our communities need expanded internet speeds, not the greater restrictions and additional payments that could happen as a result of repealing net neutrality. Senator Hassan has been a strong advocate on this issue, and it is critical that the Senate votes in favor of restoring net neutrality.”

Senator Hassan has spoken out about how the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to repeal net neutrality protections threatens access to a free and open internet that is critical to promoting innovation and supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses across New Hampshire. The Senator’s visit comes after she joined her colleagues last week to successfully force a vote on the Senate floor this Wednesday, May 16th, to reinstate net neutrality protections.