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NHPR: At Health Care Discussion, Hassan Says ACA Repeal Is Less Likely, But Threats Remain

CONCORD – In case you missed it, Senator Maggie Hassan met yesterday with Granite Staters, where she heard their personal experiences with the health care system and emphasized her commitment to ensuring that all Granite Staters and Americans have quality, affordable health insurance coverage.


As part of her efforts to lower the cost of health care for people in New Hampshire and across the country, Senator Hassan recently introduced legislation to address surprise medical bills, where patients receive massive, unexpected medical bills for care that they did not realize was considered out-of-network. The Senator also joined her colleagues in introducing comprehensive legislation to address the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs.


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NHPR: At Health Care Discussion, Hassan Says ACA Repeal Is Less Likely, But Threats Remain


Senator Maggie Hassan met with constituents in Concord Monday to hear about their concerns over health care.


Participants in the round-table discussion brought up coordination of care and prescription drug costs as issues they're dealing with in the day-to-day.


…Several participants also said they were worried protections for pre-existing conditions mandated under the Affordable Care Act were in danger.  


"Our daughter with a chronic disease has a pre-existing condition,” said Kris van Bergen, whose six-year-old daughter has type one diabetes. “ So, you know, if I switch to a different job and portions of the ACA are actually repealed, I may not be able to get insurance coverage for her."


…Hassan says it's less likely Congress will repeal the ACA, now that Democrats will control the House.


"But what we've seen at the state level and through the court system is a group of republican attorneys general suing to say that the protection for pre-existing conditions is unconstitutional in the current law," Hassan said.