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Senator Hassan Discusses Strategies to Combat Opioid Epidemic at Canada-U.S. Roundtable

WASHINGTON – Senator Maggie Hassan today discussed  strategies to combat the devastating opioid crisis and how the U.S. and Canada can work together to stem the tide of this deadly epidemic during a Canada-U.S. Roundtable in Washington, D.C. The event was organized by the Cross-Border Health Foundation, the World Health Innovation Network, and the Council of Great Lakes Region to promote an open discussion between the two countries about a crisis that has impacted families on both sides of the border.

“This is a problem that does not discriminate,” Senator Hassan said. “It reaches across communities, across socioeconomic lines, and across our borders. To turn the tide of this epidemic, we need to combat the challenges that our countries are experiencing from all angles, collaborating across traditional boundaries, and taking a truly all-hands-on-deck approach because the magnitude of this crisis demands it.”

Senator Hassan added, “We have been responding to and learning about this disease as the epidemic unfolded, and there is much we do not know. And much we still need to tackle. But I am encouraged by the approach that you are all taking. This is a shared challenge between the United States and Canada and we should be working together to find areas where we can collaborate and bolster our efforts. We owe it to all of the many stakeholders in this fight to keep listening to them, to keep fighting together, and to keep working on solution so that we can truly make progress. And get better.”

Senator Hassan has been at the forefront of efforts to curb – and ultimately reverse – the devastating opioid epidemic in New Hampshire and across the country. Earlier this month, the Senate passed the Opioid Crisis Response Act, which includes a number of key measures that Senator Hassan championed to strengthen prevention, treatment, recovery, and law enforcement efforts. Additionally, a bill the Senator cosponsored that helps grandparents who are raising their grandchildren as a result of the opioid epidemic was signed into law. Recently, the Senator visited with grandparents who have dealt with this phenomenon first-hand and listened to their stories.