January 31, 2020

Senator Hassan Slams Trump Administration Policy to Gut Medicaid

 WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan spoke out against the Trump Administration’s announcement today of new guidance that would allow states to implement Medicaid block grants, which could dramatically reduce the amount of Medicaid funding.

“Make no mistake about this – ‘block grants’ are just code for massive cuts that will directly harm children and families, individuals who experience disabilities, seniors, and Americans across the country who depend on Medicaid for their health care coverage,” said Senator Hassan. “Especially in New Hampshire where Medicaid and Medicaid expansion have played such a vital role in combating the opioid epidemic, it is cruel and misguided for the Trump Administration to pave the way for massive Medicaid cuts.”

As Governor, Senator Hassan worked across party lines to establish and reauthorize Medicaid expansion, in particular because of its role in combating the fentanyl, heroin, and opioid epidemic. In the Senate, she has repeatedly spoken out against turning Medicaid into a block grant program and continues to be a strong voice for protecting the essential program, including pressing Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on the Trump Administration’s proposed FY 2020 budget and his intention to implement a block grant program for Medicaid.