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Senator Hassan Statement on SCOTUS Decision Mandating Internet Sales Tax Collection

WASHINGON – Senator Maggie Hassan issued the following statement today on the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, which overturns a previous ruling that had protected New Hampshire and means that New Hampshire small businesses selling products over the internet will now be forced to collect sales tax for other states:

“I am extremely disappointed by the Supreme Court’s ruling in this case, which will unfairly burden New Hampshire’s small businesses by requiring them to collect sales tax for other states on goods sold over the internet. I’ve heard from small business owners in the Granite State about how a mandatory internet sales tax collection requirement would negatively impact them, creating a complex web of red tape and hindering their growth. New Hampshire’s lack of a sales tax is a competitive advantage for our state, and this decision will unfairly punish small businesses that are the backbone of our economy. I will continue standing strong against burdensome regulations that hurt our innovative small businesses and weaken our state’s economic strength.”

Senator Hassan joined her colleagues in introducing a resolution opposing a bill that would require businesses selling goods over the internet to collect sales tax for other states, even if the seller is located in a state without a sales tax. Senator Hassan also signed an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, urging the Court to rule against South Dakota in this case, and has repeatedly spoken out about the importance of protecting New Hampshire’s small businesses who would be unfairly burdened by a requirement to collect sales tax for other states on goods sold over the internet. Senator Hassan visited NEMO Equipment earlier this year to discuss how this ruling would impact their business.