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Senator Hassan Statement on Sexual Assault Allegation Against Judge Kavanaugh

Senator Calls for Vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s Nomination to be Delayed Until Allegation Has Been Investigated

WASHINGTON – Senator Maggie Hassan issued the following statement on Professor Ford’s allegation of sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh:

“Professor Ford has come forward with an allegation of sexual assault, detailing a painful experience that will ring true to many women. Sadly, what will also ring true is the rush to marginalize and attack her. This allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh is serious and needs to be investigated fully. The Senate has an obligation to do everything it can to uncover the truth given its constitutional obligation to provide advice and consent with regard to lifetime judicial nominations. The vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination should be delayed – as members of both parties have called for – until this allegation has been investigated and Senators have their questions answered. Professor Ford has shown great courage in speaking out, and we must ensure that the process treats her with dignity.”