March 06, 2017

Senator Hassan’s Statement on the Trump Administration’s Latest Attempt at a Backdoor Muslim Ban

Senator Hassan's Statement on the Trump Administration's Latest Attempt at a Backdoor Muslim Ban

WASHINGTON - Senator Maggie Hassan released the following statement on the Trump Administration's latest attempt at a backdoor Muslim ban:

"Despite the changes, this is just another attempt by the Trump Administration at a backdoor Muslim ban - with Trump's own advisers admitting that the goals are the same as his previous executive order. There have been reports that the Department of Homeland Security's own analysis showed no intelligence basis for the ban, and former defense and intelligence officials from both parties have said that the ban would make us less safe. The Trump Administration undermined the national security case for the ban by delaying the rollout for what they openly acknowledged were political reasons. I support strengthening the vetting process for all entryways into the United States while remaining true to our values, and I am very concerned that the Trump Administration has shown that it puts political considerations before national security and the values that make us strong."